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Truck Road Safety programs

Truck Road Safety programs

Car Road Safety programs

Car Road Safety programs

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  • Basic requirement research
  • Feasibility study
  • Masterplan with budgetary quote
  • Businessplan
  • Submitting plans
  • Detailed working plans
  • Technical equipment planning
  • Technical specification for bidding process
  • General contractor service, turn key delivery

Enrollment & Training programs

  • Technical equipment delivery, installation and training
  • Project management, quality assurance and on-site supervision
  • Maintenance
  • Instructor training and continuous improvement program
  • Training programs for cars, trucks and motorcycles
  • Booking software

Your Benefit

  • Proven technical realizazion
  • Years of experience with glide surfaces, water obstacles, skid plates and more
  • Resutling in low cost and low maintenance

Outstanding system quality

  • State of the art components, simple in use, maximum efficiency

Cost Effectiveness

  • Established modular system guarantees excellent cost-benefit ratio (best value for your money)
  • Target group oriented marketing ensures a high advertising value (ROI)

Road safety

  • Our continuous road safety R&D for your customers

Best possible education

  • Proven didactical concept "learning by doing"
  • Target group oriented through out - during training courses, seminars and hands-on training

Additional Benefits

  • Car presentations
  • Cart racing
  • Incentives such as company events...