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hmp-bau gmbh

HMP is a company with long time experience in designing, planning and building test tracks and Road Safety Training Centers (RSTC’s) including the needed technical equipment like irrigation systems, control electronics, water obstacles, mechanical obstacles, speed measurement systems, hydraulic skid plates, etc.

HMP, by utilizing its network, has access to specialists with up to 16 years of experience in the fields of operational concepts, training programs, instructor education, business case design and marketing activities.

HMP is also your specialist for:

selction of the optimal skid coatings (epoxy- or bitumen basis)

running cost optimized and maintenance-friendly irrigation systems

maintenance/service of all kinds. Also for systems installed/supplied by our competitors (incl. renovation and/or replacement of outdated equipment)


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+43 463 512 199

Deutenhofenstraße 6, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria